Suggested Stands for B&W 805 Diamonds

I need stands for my B&W 805 diamonds but I'd rather not drop $700 on the B&W stands since I only need them for a while as my furniture situation will change in a few months.The 805Ds are W9.4in X D13.8 so I'm having trouble finding stands that have a large enough top base.

Any suggestions?

Buy the correct stands the last thing you need to do is drop an expensive speaker off the incorrect stand. you can sell the stands after you figure out your furnature situation. I had a home theater system 9 years ago where I droped an 805n off a stand that did not quite fit the speaker. It was an expensive mistake. I was able to have the speaker fixed It is funny how different types of black finishes and how different the wood grains from the various productions of speaker even with a premium speaker such as the 805s
Thesoundhouse is correct. Besides that, when you sell them, they will be more desirable to the buyer if they are sold with the proper stands.
You buy $5,000. speakers and do not want to spend $700 on stands that match them perfectly?
I had B&W 805S and the stock stands, I filled them with stove dried sand and liked them a lot.
I traded them back in for my current magnepan 3.6s.
Either the B&W stands or ones like Skylan or Sound Anchor. Do not put them on ordinary furniture.
Agree with Stanwal.
Sound Anchor Four Post stands. Your speakers deserve them.
A pair of used 805 stands just sold here on the goN' for $375. They fit the 805D too. If the op did not buy them, he missed out.
I have a pair of B&W 805d stands currently for audition from my dealer, though I brought them home and they seem flimsy compated to my Target four post stands that are filled with oven dried sand. I will be comparing the unfilled matching stand with a filled non-matching stand. Anyone have any experience with this scenario? Is the matching stand with considerably less mass going to compare at all? I am currently using Blutack on my 805 Ds with the Target stands ($300 vs. $700 costs).

Any thoughts or experience will be greatly appreciated.
Vti stands work... you can fill them with lead or sand.... they have spikes on the bottom .... different heights ( depending on your needs) just get some rubber feet for between your speaker and the stand. i have two sets of one of their styles and they work great. I never had a problem with a speaker falling off. but them again i have a dedicated home theater room and the kids need to be careful in there.

As mentioned above you have invested in a great high quality pair of speakers and the proper stands are key to the speaker performance. The review of the new diamonds clearly stated the benefit of the matching stands. In addition this is an attractive product and you should be proud to showcase your investment. But really the effect on the quality of sound is significant. Best wishes.