Suggested Retro Vinyl Amp

Hi All

Well I finally getting round to putting my vinyl back to use. I have a Rega Planar 2 + some mid-1990s Ruark Talisman speakers:

I do not have an amp and am looking for something I can pick up used which will drive these babies and give me some sweet warm sounds.


I'd be looking for some Quicksilver amps. I used them for years and just sold a pair. With the proper tubes, they will outperform similarly priced amps. You can get a newer amp from Rogue as they too are nice. The Ayre AX 7e (has to be the e version) is neither tube nor SS, but it's RIGHT. May be out of your range, but I only sold mine to get the big bother AX5 Twenty.

You will get a ton of responses from many who have tube amps. How difficult are your speakers to drive? What size room? What type of music? What cables will you use? Separates or integrated? Lot's of questions need answers before what you buy I personally feel.