Suggested Recording of Korngold Violin Concerto?

I'm looking to purchase a redbook CD or SACD of the Korngold violin concerto.  I have the James Ehnes version on my ipod but I'm wanting a different one for CD.  I'd like a good performance as well as a good recording.  FWIW I'd likely be fine with any of the major 20th-century players.  Oh yes, I prefer stereo.  Thanks.
One of my favorite recordings of this work is in the Dorian label wherein Litton conducts the Dallas SO with Ulrike-Anima Mathe (v) playing the VC. This recording also includes an excellent Sinfonietta in B Major. 
Thanks for that suggestion--I listened to some of it on youtube and it seems to be a fine recording.  However, the violin seems a bit further back in the mix than I would like.  I might go with the Perlman version (which may have the solosit a bit too near, but the sound of it captivates me ).
I am a large fan of this work , I believe I have heard every recording of it and
a live playing of it by the great Gil Shaham with the St. Paul CO .
Shaham’s recording of it on DG with the  London SO under the baton
of Andre Previn when all three were at their absolute prime is easily the best recording I have heard or ever except to hear .
I'll check it out.  I believe the Perlman recording is also Previn/LSO?  My thanks to you and to newbee.