Suggested Phono Preamp

System: Music Hall MMF-5.1SE Turntable, Dynovector, NAD C356BEE,Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers.

looking for a phono pre amp but am very confused with all the choices under $1,000.

Appreciate suggestion.

Hi George:
EAR 834P is the best I've heard, but has to be used to be under $1000. Very warm full sound with deep rich bass. If you find one without the Moving Coil transformers it's OK; it will be cheaper and those transformers aren't very good anyway. Replace the tubes with Gold Lions if noisy. If you like something a bit brighter sounding the Graham Slees are very good. PS Audio NuWave is excellent especially with MC's and can digitize LP's to very high rez, but used price more than $1K.
- Jack
Which Dynavector? They make low and high output models. Ideally the phono preamp is matched to the cartridge you are using or intend to use.

But if you're looking for a good phono preamp that can take care of both, along with any other cartridges you may buy down the road, then look at the Dynavector P75 MkIII. At $895 its below your budget and will sound good with just about anything; especially your current Dynavector.
The Music Hall has the Dynovector 10X5. Thank you kindly for your suggestion.

I also use the Music Hall Speed Box-George
You can't go wrong with the P75. With that in place, a future upgrade can be something like a dv20 low output version. I have all of this stuff too. I'm not getting the info from a magazine like so many others.
There is a guy selling a Project phono preamp for $225 that will be fine in your system. They're good products for the money.
I don't think you need spend more to enjoy what your turntable/cart combo is capable of.
Chayro, is correct.
Its a Project made TT and will sound fine with Project phono pre.
A used Heed Quasar is a killer. It goes under the radar in the US, however just ask any Heed dealer what is their best phono near the 1k mark and they will most probably be selling Heeds over some of the more known names. It's a killer phono stage and easy to use.