Suggested PC laptop models for computer audio

I am looking for advice directing me towards an inexpensive, simple Windows based laptop - used or new - to which I will add an external solid state hard drive to use as a server for a computer audio front end at home.

I currently use a one year old Dell Latitude at work with a WD external hard drive running iTunes and JRiver Media Center 21, and it sounds remarkably good (although music software programs not ideal companions within enterprise networked office environment:\). Given my current budget and space constraints, the advantage of having the screen, keyboard processor and I/Os all in one chassis, combined with my familiarity with PC systems and software, I would probably not consider a Mac Mini at this time.

Music file procurement, storage, handling and reproduction would be the sole purpose of the laptop. Currently running FLAC, AIFF and mp4 files at resolutions up to 24/96, with capacity to handle higher res files in future. Lots of ripped redbook files. DAC will be Arcam irdac for the time being. No DSD files for now.

Your PC laptop suggestions very much appreciated.

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Why not just put a simple desktop/mini-tower together. You can choose higher quality parts and still keep the cost down.
Have to agree with Zd542 - why a laptop? You'd be paying a premium for portability and included components. Build/buy your own box for the music server w/o the overhead of screen, keyboard, battery, and similar unneeded components. It sounds like you have other gear so you could remote desktop or use a switch to share those things. You also wouldn't necessarily have to use external drives (there are trade-offs either way).
Amazing that you have not been fired from your job, given the your lack of awareness of the cyber security issues you have created with your WD external hard drive running iTunes and JRiver Media Center 21. Did you check with your IT department before you did so? If not, please check with them. You put all your fellow employees at risk if you do not do so.
Check out
Laptop fits the current space available better than a separate box.