Yesterday I emailed Audiogon that they create 2 new listings in their audio categories: "VINTAGE" & "TABLE RADIOS"

Many of us have, desire, or admire VINTAGE (for me that's pre-1980) audio gear. Much of these items are sold on (ahem) eBay...when they would do better, I believe, at Audiogon. How say ye?

Likewise, there are literally 10's of thousands of various TABLE RADIOS from the 1920's through the 1960's...georgeous to look at, warm and rich sounding (not all, mindyou), and can make a pointed addition to your home's decor. ADDISON radios, made in Toronto, are multi-coloured beauties which can fetch thousands of dollars. Adding such a category would also serve to "cross-pollinate" many collectors in the general populace with the audiophile community...a good you agree?

Audiogon has replied that they "will consider" such a suggestion. Any support from the members can only HELP!
Don't know about the TABLE RADIOS but separate section for PHONO PREAMPS will be greatly appreciated or as subsection of ANALOGUE.
I was looking for a catagory where my posts would be more appropriate. I was thinking "Audio BS" or something a little more snappy that would encompass all flavors of self-important ranting. (we can think of it as therapy)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sincerely, I remain
Vintage would appeal to many, table radios much less so. An analogue section would be great too.
I'd like to see a whole different category added to the Classifieds, a place where you can place your items for sale at a fixed price with a "no haggle" policy. So...Audiogon would have a section for dealer demos and the like, a section for auctions, a section for best offers, and another with fixed pricing. It would sure lighten the load on returning lowball emails that waste everyone's time. Maybe introducing another method of selling/buying would be considered too confusing but I for one would much prefer to buy and sell on a fixed price basis. Let the lowballers troll the "best offer" and "auctions areas" and leave the rest of us alone. Anyone else agree?
Jeff, can't you just leave the "obo" off your sale item? Perhaps I'm a rude dude, but if someone shot me a lowball offer on an ad I posted that didn't say "obo," I'd feel no compulsion to grace their message with a reply...
It seems to me that both "vintage" and "table radios" would require pictures to have much value, and I mean inside and out pics. So much of these categories are really all about depends greatly on appearance. With pics, these categories could be interesting, but I don't know how viable.

I like Jeff's idea of fixed price listings with the intent of eliminating "lowballers and haggling", but again what would stop someone from making "an offer", eg I have listed items as "firm" price but still almost ALWAYS get offers. To make this really work, A'Gon would almost have to have a "promise" or contract from the seller that the item can only be sold at the seller's specific price. And that would mean a highly sought after item can't sell for more either. Something like that could be attractive to me if implementable?

Re Clueless, I do like the idea of a more casual, informal chatroom section, which is what Audiogon used to be like-- sort of, but A'Gon found that "unpalatable". Were you around during those hot and heated days Clueless? While some casual banter "around the topic of audio?" appeals to me, I don't know how it could be structured to keep away from the insulting, profane, threats of violence, questioning of members ancestry, parentage etc.

Hopeful but skeptical? Craig
I second the motion for a phono preamp sub-category

Even when you list the price as firm, you get the lowballers, they don't discriminate. My suggestion would hopefully eliminate a lot of back and forth on price, and yes, frustration. I'm of the opinion the auctions are there to allow the market to determine fair market value in the eyes of the bidders. This takes time, patience, and often attracts a certain style of buyer. On the standard classifieds people attempt to negotiate assuming you left room to do so, much like a car dealer. My suggestion is along the lines of the Saturn car company, what you see is what you'll pay for. Appeals to me both as a buyer and a seller.
Stereokarter, from your context, I assume you are talking about the Quick Shop categories rather than the Discussion Forum categories. The comments everyone made could apply to both. I would like to see more sub-categories in both sets of categories. For example, "surround speakers" or "integrated amps" or even the different major cable categories -- e.g., "XLR". That would make it a ton easier to browse. Also, the Discussion Forum categories should be organized in the same way -- with a sub-category (sometimes "Miscellaneous") so people can browse the topics without having to enter a specific search criteria. My two cents. Thanks for the thread.
I third the motion for a separate phono preamp category. As one who is curently in the market for a phono preamp, it gets awfully tedious looking through the hundreds of preamps available(both tube & SS) while there may be at most only a couple of dozen phono preamps. I believe there are still quite a few members that still play vinyl with enough regularity that they would find such a worthwhile!!
Another vote for phono preamp. I recently sold a phono preamp and I also noticed that there were lots of other phono pre-amps for sale in the pre-amp category. Audiogon, phono preamps are screaming for their own category. And whatever happened to the pictures in the Virtual Systems section? That would be a really classy addition to the website :)
Yea on the Phono Stage section idea - this has also occurred to me while trying to browse. Here's another: Headphones & Headphone Amps.

An similar proposal that I e-mailed to A-Gon a while ago: Leave Forum topics on the New Today page until they fail to generate further responses for 24 hours. Put another way, topic titles would remain up on the New Today page without time limit while they're active, being removed only by attrition when activity ceases, rather than getting arbitrarily shuffled off to the Archives after a couple of days. (You may have noticed that many topic titles suddenly stop generating responses when they drop from the front page, and if the topic is timely, another essentially "duplicate" post may appear.) A-Gon said they would consider it, but were concerned about the New Today page becoming too long. Now, with the Wanted listings removed from the page, maybe my idea could be tried out. Whatta ya'll think?
Need a category for Tubes. Don't hold your breath waiting for Agon to make changes, IMHO. It seems they do whatever they feel like, when ever they feel like, regardless of demands of members.

Whoa Ed, who pissed in your Cornflakes? I asked AudioGon several times to allow us to upload pics for inclusion in ads, and they made the change. The ads are much better now that there's a pic to gander at. AudioGon may not always move fast but they do listen.
pics was not an issue before (at least for me). Easily done via html. Sure, they may listen but not respond. To wit: several requests for original price to be listed again on the "new today" page, which they conveniently ignored. requests for new categories have been gone over before, but haven't seen any action on that (and it was weeks/months ago that they got the requests...).

They just don't seem to be all that customer-service driven, from my experience. Not a slam on Agon, just an observation.
I'd like to see an Audiogon members' equipment and music review forum. It could include an outline for criteria of the review. The forum could allow for other members to comment on their experience with the reviewed equipment, especially paired-up with different components and cables. The music forum can allow for Audiogon members to review some of their favorite (or new) cd's and albums. Other members can comment on the review from their own musical perspective. Although there are other audio websites that have equipment reviews, I believe that Audiogon members would provide a higher level of sophistication.
PHONO Pre-Amp, TUBE (valve), & REVIEW categories, it seems to many of us, are needed to better serve the members. Table Radios too, if given the chance. (Surely A'gon can measure the pertinent "hits" and react accordingly).

Some months ago I suggested that A'gon re-vitalise the "Clubs" category by recognising the focal point of interest...say a particular brand of speaker e.g. "Snell" instead of the geographical location of members and...A'gon kindly replied that they thought highly of my suggestion and would "look seriously into it".


If any trend is apparent here it is that A'gon is non-responsive to identifiable problems/improvements...OR...that things are going swimmingly for that paying attention to this stuff doesn't phase them!

Let us know, A'gon, please, what YOUR outlook is for this site...for when you have pissed off the core members enough times they usually dissappear...something that us rabid enhusiasts want not to occur.

Audiophiles desperately need to have a LEADER in the electronic media that emulates, like it or not, just what "Stereophile" accomplished over the past 20 years. Audiogon can fulfill that position, but are now rivalled by others hungry for the spoils. Don't let the opportunity pass, Audiogon.

In the meantime, we should keep the pressure on!
I want to second the motion for a section for formal member reviews of equipment. The idea for an outline of criteria would be an excellent way to keep the content worthwhile. I too would trust such a section here at A-Gon above similar offerings on other websites, and I have a feeling the reviews would be much more in-depth. However, to promote well-written and at-length articles, the section would have to feature a way for the author to continue writing and editing their post in more than one web session, over maybe a few days, before submitting it as complete.

Here's another need waiting to be filled in the For Sale catagories: Digital Interconnects. This could be either under Cables or Digital, but right now you have to sift through all the regular IC's, a real pain in the keister. Also, maybe the call for a Tubes section could be expanded in concept to create a Parts catagory that could include other things such as drivers, pots and switchgear, circuit parts, jacks, etc.