Suggested Jumpers for Integrated amps?

I've read about the Tara Labs "missing link" and come across a few other such products as well online. I've read reviews of the M. Link reporting added brightness and poor build-quality. Anyone familiar with this product ? Anyone found something better? I'd like to get the possible sound from my Creek 5350 se.
Audioquest makes a set too. I think Audio Advisor sells them.
You don't actually need a dedicated "jumper" can experiment with any quality interconnect pair that you would use to connect a separate preamp to a power amp.
Soulbrass is right, I've used both interconnects and jumpers on some integrateds I've had. The "Dussy" jumper by Jena Labs uses their high quality cryoed copper and is worth auditioning. Like everything else you need to try all these options and hear the affects on your integrated. Jena Labs will allow you to their jumpers if you don't like them.
Added to previous post: Jena Labs will allow you to return their jumpers if you don't like them.(the "Dussy")
Thanks for the input-- I will check out the Jena Labs first.
See my Audiophile Law on this:
Thanks for the "lesson", Doug!
What the hell was Doug's lesson? The URL is dead. I can't see spending $100 on the Jena Labs Super Jumper!!! I can make it for $35 using Neutrik NF2Cs.