Suggested Cables for McCormack DNA-2 to Thiel CS6s

Anyone have this amp/speaker combination? I currently have Nordost Blue Heavens. They seem fine but I'm always interested in trying other combinations.
I do not have that combination but have the DNA-2 LAE connected to aerial acoustic model 10T's via Harmonic Technology Pro 9 bi-wires. I bought the Pro-9's used for about $500 and sounded as good as any wire I've compared in home. They are bi-wired cables but single spaded at both ends for non-bi-wired configurations.

About 6 months ago, I converted them to bi-wired and was amazed at the imaging and soundstaging improvements.

For the money, new or used, I believe it would be hard to find a better cable. Not impossible but hard.

I have Pass Labs feeding my Thiels 2.3's via Harm Tech Pro-9's. HT Pro-Silway II's.

I find the sound to detailed and neutral.

Great match up.
Anyone have any experience with Nordost Blue Heaven's with any THIEL speaker? I am curious if anyone thinks this is a good, bad, or indifferent match.
Bundy, I have classe ca200 to 3.6's and currently using alpha core goertz M 2's. They are copper and are heads and shoulders above kimber 8tc, MIT 750, and coincident in my system.