Suggested amp to pair w/ Aerial 7A's on a budget

Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for an amp to round out my current system:

Two-Channel Only-
Sources: Well Tempered Record Player, Tascam CD-450, Music Hall CD-25 (on it's way)
Speakers: Aerial 7A
Pre: C-J PV-5
Cables: Nordost- mostly Blue Heaven
Music Styles: Jazz, Female Vocals, Acoustic, and the occasional Rock & Roll

I would like to find something in the sub $1000 price range, but could go higher if needed.

Thanks in advance to all who lend a hand on this one!
Hafler 9500 or 9505. Plenty of power and within your budget. A great amp.

Musical Concepts has mods for these that really sing too.


Paul :-)
I believe B&K products are as good as entry-level-high-end stuff gets. There are several 200WPC amps here now.
A balanced Forte 4 was an excellent pairing in an audiotion some years back. Surprising that its 50 watts drove the Aerial's so well, and this was in a good-sized 25x15 ft room w/ a cathedral ceiling. They do need some current. Good luck.
You may say it's too budget for your great speakers (and they are, I had the 6's once), but when I owned the Adcom GFA 5802 some years ago (I had B&W at that point) I took it in to the dealer to see about upgrading to a Krell amp. They set me up with Aerial Model 8's and let me compare the two amps one after the other - the Adcom smoked the 3k Krell (one of the KAV models, circa 1997), and I am not one to use the "smoked" adjective much. You can get one used for pretty cheap, I would think around 1k. If you mean 'budget' in the 2-3k range though, buy something like a used McIntosh MC300...
One thing is for sure though - get as MUCH power as you can for those speakers. The two I recommended are each 300 w/ch, a minimum I would think unless you have a very small room or listen to solo acoustic guitar music only :>} There aren't a lot of other 300 w/ch out there for the price...
That said, I've only heard the 7B's.