Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.

We are gathering a list of eight speakers to compare in two live events in

June 2022. Post covid we hope!


Trying to gather models which are not readily available for audition.


Please submit your One suggestion here. 

I will begin with my One -KLH Model 5. MRSP $2,000.


Thanks for the help!


worth consideration are fritz’s carrera be and the buchardt s400, now in its 2nd iteration

there are others i am aware of and have owned but their current prices exceed the stated range

Decware just released their new Tube Tots for $1150.  I'm sure Steve would take more money to meet your criteria.

Nola Boxer 3.  I own,and really enjoy the Boxer 2. I haven’t heard a ton of bookshelf speakers,but I think Nola is kind of an unsung hero. 

You have to do a Tekton speaker here, I mean it’s an absolute must with all the drama involved with these and people who think that us owners are crazy.

You’ll get the most clicks on your post by saying there is a Tekton speaker involved too! ;)

Impact Monitor $2,100

Would love to hear peoples thoughts on these against the Buchardt S400 MKII

Silverline Minuet Grand

LSA-10 Statement

If you can stretch, I think the Joseph Audio Prism, Usher Dancer Mini X, and Reference 3A MM deCapo are excellent speakers that are sorely lacking in reviews and fly under the radar. 

Look forward to your reviews, and thanks for doing this!  Super valuable. 

good call on the Silverline Minuet Grand @soix 

Also depending on amplification it would be interesting to add the Falcon LS3/5a which comes in right at $3K.

I agree with @rocray — Nola Boxer 3.  I have the OG Boxer and love them.  They replaced B&W 805s for me and I never looked back.  I haven’t heard KEF LS50 Metas but seems like everyone has a pair so that could be a good baseline speaker for comparisons.


like your idea!

My Salk SS6M's clock in at $3795 but I found them comparable to the Fritz Carrera's. Oh well!

Reynaud Bliss Jubilee- $2500.  Would probably need to contact Bob Neill at Amherst Audio

Folks-Thanks so much! Love the responses. Pls give me the MSRP with any model you suggest. 

dj- Love the Philharmonic thought

JJss- Fritz is a bit above the pricing

jjss yes the Buchards seem to rate inclusion

DNGR- Yes site unheard I would take a speaker

from Steve at Decware. Re-write those qualifiers!!


Okay this is what I was really hoping for. Several suggestions

on companies I knew nothing about.


Also several respondents who are unable to decide what they

like best and hence sent multiple names and unidentified MRSPs

may be overlooked in deference to time.


Also, not looking for any "Baseline" speakers.


There are some good ones no one has suggested yet.


Just one please!! Sorry if that makes you really concentrate.



JJss- Fritz is a bit above the pricing

yes the carrera ’be’ model may be a touch above -- sorry

pls talk to fritz have him send you his best set for 3 grand msrp (i bought my be’s from him for less than 3 grand, he is a small but well known maker, not sure what his ’official’ msrp’s are for the various models but i am confident to say that most who want a set of new be’s could get them from fritz at or very near 3 grand)


Proac D2R

these are $4500 msrp

Wow the Proacs went up! Nope...looking at the stipulation, the D2s is more in line. Should be able to get these for around 3K.

If not....

Change my recommendation to the Tannoy Autograph mini .

More speakers to investigate. Thanks for the MSRPs.

As far as amplification goes I will be asking each maker

if they have a power preference.

I will not use amps over say $4k as they need to be a logical 



just a suggestion, for an affordable, yet true ’reference’ level amp, i think you would do well with a smaller hegel integrated (use the amp section, not necessarily the dac section, though if a current gen model, that can also be used) - h95, rost, h120

msrp $2000-3000 - hard to do better for top tier uber clean pure sounding amplification with exemplary bass control, hegels will make sure all tested speakers are well driven and are not artifically being affected by an amp’s flawed ability to deal with odd loads and current delivery demands

Tyler Acoustics T1 Studio Monitors $2,400


These were designed by Danny Richie at GR Research

Good recs.  I couldn't  be happier with my Fritz REV 7s. Powered by a Belles Integrated, which I think Fritz recommends.

The MSRP for Harbeth P3esr used to be around 2.5k but I checked the prices for the latest XD version and it now sits at $3290. I really like this speaker but I must admit it’s getting difficult to justify the price tag anymore. It’s a good little speaker, but $3290? No thanks. At this price, I’ll take the Fritz Carrera BE any day of the week and twice a day on Sunday.

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Arendal Sound’s 1723 Monitor THX (not the 1723 S)

$2,399 USD per pair--they pay tax, shipping etc--to the USA

Thanks for the last two.

If you want to explain why you suggested the model

that would be lovely!

What is your plan / gear method to …level match ?

and who is “ we “ ?

@chorus --if I am one of the posters at which this was targeted...

"If you want to explain why you suggested the model that would be lovely!"

These have had some strong reports so far such as from Audioholics, are built like tanks, and sound wonderful to my ears in my room.

I have only received one of these as a Center in a surround and it is identical to the units sold for L / R except for the location and orientation of the badging.  Waiting additional shipment!

I have a preliminary list of 14 speakers to consider.

Non exceed a  $3,000 MSRP. 

1. Buchardt S400 $2,300 Danish/Chinese

2. Triangle 40th Anniversary Comete $2,500 France

3. ATC SCM 7 $1,900 UK

4. Sonus Faber Lumina II $1,200 Italy

5. GoldenEar BRX $1,600 China

6. Elac UniFi Reference $1,200 China

7. DecWare DM 945 $1,000 USA

8. KLH Model 5 $2,000 USA

9. Fritz Carbon $2,750 USA

10. Fyne Audio F500 $1,000 China

11. Falcon LS 3/5a Mofi $1,995 UK

12. Focal Aria  906 $1,000 French 


Specs -

Sensitivity, Ohms, Freq , Weight.

tweeter. Transferable Warranty, US Based Service location. 



Out of that list, the Falcon, because I have heard them and they are very nice.  I would probably have to buy a new amp..... 


Not on the list is a speaker I’ve wanted to try for a while and that’s the Legacy Studio HD

I have the Elac Vela's and feel that they sound phenomenal. They're 4ohm speakers. MSRP is $2800.

Oddi-Legacy speakers seem to me to always look better than they sound. At $2,100 I too would like to hear it.


Will-  I wish I had heard the Vela. I have heard the other Elac on the list for

less than 1/2 the Vela's MSRP. I also have a couple ribbon 2-ways already

although the Vela may be better. 



I second the Monitor Audio Gold 100s… Have a pair driven by a Lyngdorf TDAI 1120… very nice 😊

A lot of people have heard the KEF LS50. Might be a nice comparison point. $1500 for the metas.

I have three that I own. 
CSS Audio Criton 1TDX, JBL 1600 HDI. Both excellent. My latest speakers are a pair of used Dynaudio Special 40s I got for $2500. These are indeed special. Love them. 

After you waste time and hurt everyone's ears listening to all those boxes, hook-up a pair of Magnepans and let your group hear what was actually recorded on whatever source you are using.  

Warning:  You only hear what you feed them, so GIGO applies.




What is your plan / gear method to …level match ?

and who is “ we “ ?

as the comments accumulate, i have not yet seen a reply to jim’s queries above, which are important

also, to his second point, i am wondering what is the purpose of the shoot out - there are standmounts of vastly different sizes, used for vastly different applications - for example a harbeth p3 and a monitor 40 are both ’standmounts’, but vastly vastly different in use, ability, purpose, and need for room or equipment based ancillary bass reinforcement

the op might shed some light on all this, so the ’help’ he seeks on this thread might be more on target