Suggest Table and cartridge for my system


I have never owned a quality table. I am lookingto add one to my system. Here is my current setup:

Proac Response 2
Rogue Tempest(has phono stage)
Audio Aero Prima MKII
Acoustic Zen Ref Matrix II interconnects and tsunami PC's
Top Gun line conditioner

I was thinking about possible a Aries Scout but not sure what cartridges to look at. I am open to ideas in $1000 range for the table and $3-500 for cartridge, used market is fine.

how about the Marantz TT-15? It's essentially a clearaudio table and includes a fantastic MM cartridge for $1600 brand new. If there is a local dealer near you, have them set everything up for you.

It's a little out of your stated budget, but it's a great deal even at retail!
My buddy actually has a clearaudio emaotion table. He is waiting on a new cartridge. Once he receives it I will see if I can bring it over and give it a listen in my system. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anyone else, I don't mind buying used if I get a substantially better player for the money. I may be upgrading my speakers in the next few months so I want this purchase to be able to grow with me.
Ok. I have narrowed my choices down to the VPI Scout or Michell Technodec. I will most likely go with a Sumiko Blackbird cart. Now since I am a complete analog newbie, I am not sure what type of phono pre I should be looking at. I would like something that will be plug and play with my Rogue Tempest and allow me the flexibility to try different cartridges down the line. I would also like to keep the preamp less than $700 and used from the Gon is fine. I am still trying to get a grasp on matching the gain and impedances of the pre to the cart(hoping this will make more sense once I have a pre and cart in hand with manuals). Also will my Tempest play a role in what preamp I should be choosing? Can I just plug the preamp into the phono jacks on the back of the Tempest or should I use the Aux jacks? Sorry for the stupid questions, just trying to figure this all out.
Kali77, have you asked Rogue? I'm sure they could give you a recommendation for a phono stage that they know works well with the Tempest and the tables your thinking of using.
As far as I can tell, the Rogue does not have a phono stage, which means you do need a phono preamp. As the Tempest is a tube unit, the input impedance is high enough that it needs no special matching with a phono stage. I would choose your phono stage on its own sonic merits and its ability to match with the cartridges that interest you. Ease and flexibility of gain and loading will assure compatibility with a range of cartridges. It sounds like you may want to budget as much as $600 to $1k. There are a number of very nice phono stages in this price point from Heed, Musical Surroundings, PS Audio, Dynavector etc. that will suit your needs.

I did talk with Mark at Rogue and he thought the Rogue Stealth would be a good option. I just want to make sure I don't totally skimp on the preamp and than decide I want something better down the road. I plan on keeping what ever table-pre combo I choose for a while. I may upgrade my speakers next though and want this combo to be able to grow with me. Have not been able to find many reviews on the Rogue Stealth.


Thank you very much for the info and suggestions. I could proabably go up to $800-900 on the used market.
any thoughts on the Primare R20?
Kali, please keep us informed of your decision. I will likely be upgrading my table within the year and I am considering those same 2 tables, or possibly spending the extra dough and going up 1 step in either line...although the JA Michell Gyro does not come with a the $2500 for that table might be out of my price range. Anyway, I digress. I would love to hear your thoughts on either table and ESPECIALLY if you get the oppurtunity to compare the two. From what I have heard they are both good tables and pretty comparible. Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

I am leaning towards the VPI at this point. I am actually upset with myself because I was a little too late on a VPI Scout and a Michell Technodec in the sales corner :( At this point which ever comes up first for a good deal in the sales corner is what I will most likely go with. There is a local shop I am probably going to pay a visit this week to listen to the VPI. I will let you know what I decide and my opinions etiher way.

Now I just need to decide on a phono pre??

I am also tinkering with trying to upgrade my Proac Response 2 monitors......which may be hard to do with the funds I will have available.
Kali77, did you have the chance to give a listen to the VPI? My new Benz Woodbody cartridge that I ordered should be in within the next couple of weeks and when I drop my TT off to have the cartridge mounted, I am going to try and give a listen to both, the VPI and the JA Michell.

The wait for my cartridge is killing me. I think I may spontaneously combust if it doesn't arrive within the next few weeks. It's the new wood body "S" series from Benz. I haven't heard it yet, I bought it based on my like for the Benz line of cartridges. Anyway...I digress. Point is, I should have the chance soon to compare the two TT. I will also report back.
What would be interesting as well is comparing the Benz S LP with the LP.

I have not had a chance to go yet as I got side tracked..... and bought some GMA Callisto's and a pair of Odyssey Lorelei's to a/b against each other. My Proacs have since been put up for sale. The Lorelei's are due on Monday so once I figure out what is going on speaker wise I will get back to my analog hunt.

Please report back with your auditions of the two tables if you get a chance.

Stringreen, unfortunately I won't be able to compare the cartridges. Although, I am not getting the LP, I am getting what use to be called the H2 - the entry level high output wood bodied cartridge. Now I think it will just be called the Benz Wood Body S Class cartridge.
It's called the Wood Body SH, for high, as opposed to the SM and SL, for medium and low respectively.