Suggest SS CDP or transport + DAC to Replace Tubed Jolida CDP

I very much enjoy the sound of my Jolida 302 integrated and Jolida JD100 tubed cdp (both modded by Mitch Singerman),paired with Silverline 17.5 monitors (Power, Speaker wire by Audioart,  IC's are Audioquest Cheetah).

However, I've had various minor repair issues with both Jolida units (including one episode in which in which I shipped unit from CA to Maryland for repair and was charged but unit came back with same problem),and having just spent upwards of $ 300 to re-tube the system, I'm wondering whether I could still derive the same listening enjoyment from SS without the maintenance issues/costs I've experienced with Jolida tube gear.  

I listen mostly to Jazz, acoustic folk (60's to contemporary), and some 60's/70's rock. Forced to choose, I'd prefer a system that excelled at acoustic music

I have $ 3500 to spend on an integrated and CDP or transport + DAC and am looking at the $1700 Schiit Ragnarok 
as the amp, which leaves $1700 for digital player. (Am open to other suggestions for amp). 

I tried an Exemplar modded Oppo 93 and to my taste, it didn't come close to the musicality of the Jolida (and this was before the Jolida was modded). Finally, my ears are very sensitive to highs-- I'd rather sacrifice some detail than 
be assailed by abrasive highs. 

I don't foresee shifting to a computer based system any time soon, so I'm seeking a unit with a particularly robust transport.

Thank you for your patience with my long post.