Suggest SACD Player No Video, New or Used, $1kish?

Looking for suggestions for an SACD player without Video. Used in a 2 channel audio system, and many sacd players rely on video output for settings and moving in a monitor just to setup or make changes is a pain.

New or used is OK, $1K range is a budget but some lenience there is fine.

2 channel is the goal, will drive rogue pre and wyred amps, or rogue integrated and Magnepan 3.3/R's for output.

Any and all suggestions is appreciated
I've always liked the Pioneer Elite PD D9 J. It has been replaced with the Pioneer Sacd/cd Player Pd-d9 Mk2 but good luck in finding it used for $1K. You may have to do some waiting or put a WTB listing on the Audiogon marketplace.
Personally I would find the teac distinction units hard to recommend, having owned all in the amp line up along with both the CD 1000 and CD 2000 they pale in refinement alongside better known units. This particular line up of products has the feel of being designed and built by a third party in China with a quick look over and some branding by Teac. I would recommend a SA-15S2 from Marantz which can be found for a bit north of 1200 used or if you can stretch a little further have a look around for a SA-14S1 which is my current unit, absolutely beautiful looking and built unit with superb usb dac built in with optical, co-ax and front usb port makes it a veritable digital hub.
I'm a very satisfied owner of a TEAC CD3000. Great frequency extension (at both ends) + air, imaging and sound stage. The USB to DAC input is very good too. It will take some time to "burn in" (use an XLO burn in CD). I also found it to benefit from an upgraded power cord (went w/Shunyata Venom 3S) and balanced out (Cabledyne). Good luck in your search. I was also considering various Marantz units. Would have gone with one of those except a TEAC demo unit w/in-home audition opportunity became available from Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound. Went with the TEAC and have been very happy. See the review on Audiophilia.