Suggest one obsure album we all should hear

I love when I discover an album that's new to me, and great.Please share one so we can all broaden our musical horizons.

Mine is:
Wishbone Ash  'Argus'

Andrew Gold - Greetings from Planet Love - Fraternal Oder of the All.

Each song sounds like a different supergroup: Beatles, Beach Boys, 

Byrds, The Doors.  Absolutely brilliant,. 

"Pure" by The Golden Palominos 

Obscure to me anyways.

They released a dozen or more albums and were known for never having a consistant "sound".  They were headed by a drummer and most members played a few months or years...being rotated out.

This album,  released in 1994, sounds like a 70's, psychedelic, porno movie score. For some reason I really like it.

"Pure", "No Skin" ... and the following tracks on through the end of the album are great.