Suggest new bands to listen to

I love hearing new bands.
I have some suggestions..

Umphries McGee.. jam band from Chicago.
Great players, they mix acoustic and electric.
Try to check out LIve At The Murat.
It is a long CD and each song blends into the next.
Great guitar work.

John Butler Trio

They are from Austrailia.
Very elcectic.
I suggest Sunrise Over Sea.

Black Joe Lewis
agree on john butler trio and the cd. very nice music and i do not understand why they are not more well known.
Check out New Monsoon, Tea Leaf Green, and The Jim Weider Band. These are jam bands, similar to Umphrey's. Also, all of these bands have a TON of shows avaialble for FREE at The Live Music Archive. Pay special attention to the Soundboard (SBD) shows and the 24 bit shows - they sound as good as most commercial releases.

Here's some links:

mumford & sons
felice brothers
avett brothers
great big sea
alberta crossing
johnny flynn
rural alberta advantage
ray lamontagne

to name a few I'vebeen listening lately
not new, but
brian jonestown massacre
apples in stereo
sufjan stevens
band of bees (aka the bees) --- best band you've never heard...just buy all their releases NOW, and thank me later

jam band: my morning jacket (it still moves--great record)
My Morning Jacket is not a jamband.
Just discovered:
The Broken Family Band
She Keeps Bees
Mike Younger
Hercules and love affair
Juan Maclean
LCD soundsystem
The Head and the Heart
I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 recent albums that The Acorn have put out-- Glory Hope Mountain and No Ghost. Sounds just right somehow every time I put them on.

The new Iron and Wine-Kiss Each Other Clean is quite good if you haven't heard it--definitely a departure but a lot of fun to listen to and it has a couple of real catchy tunes on it.