suggest an under $2000 amp to match 4ohm speakers

Hi Y'all,

I'm looking for suggestions for a used power amp under $2000 to power Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand speakers.

CURRENT STATUS: Mozart Grand speakers are 4 ohm, 90 dB. Current amp is a Linn Klassik integrated: I like this little integrated amp (with cd player) but it got too hot yesterday when I got to playing a record a little bit too loud. It gave me a bad taste of things to come. My phono preamp is Conrad Johnson PV10, recently bought used here.

PREFERENCES: Would prefer a power amp with balance control (and maybe treble/bass), as the listening room is awkward (crampbed man cave in basement). Would prefer a remote. Would prefer something that can be serviced in USA or southern Ontario, if need be.

LISTENING: I listen most intently to acoustic jazz on vinyl and cd; thus, I prefer maximum midrange warmth and depth for horns. Also listen to rock, hiphop, soul, classical, but less regularly.

BUDGET: Am working on a scholar's budget (plus two kids etc), so $2000 used or new is a true budget ceiling.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: I live in southeastern Michigan, so don't get to audition much used gear except in local audio salons with limited offerings. I'm thinking that Conrad Johnson used gear is probably a good match, but not sure about impedance load issues. Above all, I prefer "musicality" over "analytical" sound, as I want to sound like I'm listening to the music live and can hear the wood on the drums and woodwinds pianos (if that makes sense). Must avoid brightness above all.

Thanks for any thoughts.
You need to call KEVIN DEAL at Upscale Audio..Ask him about getting a PrimaLuna Integrated or whatever, he will work something out with you I'm sure....PrimaLuna has won more awards than you can read AND you can afford it. I had the same issue and he helped me solve it.
You should have no problem at all getting something that sounds great within budget. A question first, though. A CJ PV-10, unless I'm mistaken, is a preamp. Not just a phono preamp, but an actual linestage as well. If thats the case, you'll be needing just a power amp and not an integrated. Yes?
Prima Luna and Kevin Deal is a solid recommendation. Also I have the spks you have and I heard a Nait 5i at 1795.00 with it and the Nait unit is a must audition. It is musical(in other words you get carried away in the music and then you don't care much about the audiophile virtues even though they are also good) with the Vienna's and I think that is one of the best things you can have in a component. I think it is only 50 watts but it had plenty of solid power for anything I listened to. For my system 1 yr ago I got a new Belles 150a v2 amp, it goes at about 1500.00 used and 2000.00 new. So you can see I like the Belles a lot. And with your conrad pre amp it would probably be a fantastic match
I highly recommend the MF M6i integrated. It doesn't have the tone controls you are looking for but it's in your budget and frankly sounds incredible. It can handle your 4ohm speakers without a problem.
I heartily second the Belles. The 350A reference can be had for less than
$2000 used. Check out the Soundstage review of this amp. It is a perfect
match with both the CJ and 4 ohm speakers. I know because I have them!
A used Conrad Johnson Stereo Amp would work fine with the Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand.
I have these speakers and use Conrad Johnson with them. They blend very well together , very smooth and musical.
My recommendation is to forget tone controls as a requirement, not because I'm an audio snob, but the output of treble/bass controls have overlaping frequencies. It's more effective to acoustically treat the room. Since it's a man-cave, use sound absorption and reflection.
Do nothing and keep what you have. If you're budget truly is tight, then spending $2k really is not a wise investment at this time. What you have works and works well so why change anything. True the Linn is being pushed to near its limits with the Mozarts, but it's not like it will self destruct. Is it really worth $2k to play a little bit louder?
It's not clear whether you're looking for an integrated or just an amp. If you need an amp, a Sunfire 300 is a hidden gem for less than $800. It sounds wonderful, has an unusual amount of warmth for solid state, handles low impedance speakers, and has power to spare. What more can you ask for? I've stopped looking for a better amp. They come on ebay regularly.
Thanks for all the suggestions so far--including the welcome suggestion of doing nothing. That suggestion reminds me of Basho (always a good thing):
"Exhausted, I sought
a country inn, but found
wisteria in bloom."

Otherwise, yes Prima Luna comes up a lot in my research. Don't know of Belles (yet). And a CJ power amp (MV60) is a most enticing idea.

Regarding the Conrad Johnson PV10, I'm only using the phono stage at present. The Linn Classik is an all-in-one unit with a CD onboard (plus radio plus alarm clock!).

Regarding the power amp v. integrated question. I like the PV10's phono stage and I bet the unit is nice for CD too. Should the Linn Classik leave this little set up (if that happens) then I would switch in a Rega Apollo CD player I have in a second system and put it through PV10 as well probably.

You can probably guess from my components --Rega, Linn, Conrad Johnson, Vienna Acoustics-- that I'm a mid-fi music lover desperate for "musicality" in the mid-range (even at expense of detail, esp. in high freqs) and woody warmth and "liveness" in the sound.

Is this about "coloration"? Perhaps. Most of the music I listen to has five or fewer closely-miked acoustics musicians playing live in a somewhat reverberant studio setting: think ECM or Columbia's 30th Street studio, or Rudy Van Gelder's joint.
A powerful Jolida is less expensive (in your budget as new actually) than a Primaluna, you can play with the "ez bias" which makes you a part of the amp instead of a mere bystander, and tubes are simply more fun. Mid-fi is a weirdly lame category having little to do with gear sound, and much to do with gear cost...also I would stay away from anybody recommending "music style specific" gear as I also listen to a lot of acoustic jazz (as well as Mahler and Steely Dan, etc.) and it can have the same demand on gear tonality and capability as any other type of music.

I have a very nice CJ MF2500a power amp. 240 wpc into 8 ohms, 400 wpc into 4 ohms. It should sound great with your speakers. I am in WI and would sell for a very reasonable price if you are interested.

Let me know if you would have any interest.

Paanders-Many of us know and have heard the synergy between Primare and Vienna Acoustics. I would strongly consider the I31 intergrated amp, depending on condition expect to pay $1200-$1500. I have heard Prima Luna with very good results on VA speakers. but it was with the Prolouge 7(mono blocks) not the intergrated. IMO the Primare I31 is the most cost effective choice.
Hi Paanders
I am a home based dealer near you (Farmington hills) I have a couple of options that you could demo in your home if you are interested...
PrimeOne media
I have *just* purchased the CJ MF-2500-A that's listed here right now.

I was in a local shop last weekend though, and I heard the Mozart Grands being pushed with some McIntosh gear and they sounded lovely. Mc stuff is *not* in the <2k range, but when I told them what I had purchased (along with a CJ PV-15), they said those speakers and equipment would go perfectly together. I was actually considering buying a pair of the Viennas, until I heard the Paradigm Studio 100s. Those are what I bought.

Good luck.
Thanks for tip so far! I'm hoping this thread will be useful to other future readers as well.
Yamaha A-S2000. Balance, tone controls, neutral spacious sound, mm/ mc built in. Drives my 6ohm Daedalus w/ease. Remote, headphones....

I like it enough that I'd purchase the 3000 when it's available. In fact I will
In all likelyhood never get rid of the 2000. It's a 'sweet piece of kit'. Looks
& build that should say Esoteric or Luxman. For me it's a 'desert island' type of piece that won't let you down. Versitle, good looking, fun. The kind
ya settle down with...
If the PV-10 has enough range of balance control for you (my PV-11's balance control did not), a great, new amp that would work for you would be the Odyssey Audio Khartago or Stratos. Lots of power, stable into 4 ohm loads, extremely musical (especially for solid state amps). I have similar priorities to you, and my Stratos HT3 has served me quite well for over seven years. The Prima Luna integrateds do not have balance controls, btw.