suggest an integrated tube amp for me

Hi I have a pair of Martin Logan Aerius (non-biwire)and I am looking for a tube integrated for $1500 max used,must have remote,I did have a Rogue 88 tube amp and looking back I should have keep it,right nonw thinking about the rogue Coronus,perhaps a china amp any suggestions ThanksNick
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You are correct, should have kept the Rogue. I've ran them well with my now sold VTL Tiny Triodes at 45wpc. It was magic. Sold mine for $1000, so another set might show up and then a preamp to go.
How about a c-j CAV-50 I think the model number might be? I think that would work well, or a Rogue Tempest, or the Audio Research integrated, the model number of which escapes me. Happy listening!
Perhaps Duke from Audiokinesis will weigh in here, but I don't think that a $1500 tube integrated is going to adequately drive the Aerius'. Tubes are a fine match for true electrostats which keep their impedance high, but Martin Logan's are hybrids, and the Aerius drops its impedance below 4 ohms.

For that price range, I think you'd be better served with a high-powered solid state integrated such as the Plinius 8200 or an inexpensive preamp with an Innersound ESL amp.

Just thought I'd present another perspective.

For those speakers, I would suggest a hybrid amp like the Unison Unico or the Pathos Classic One. I think they will give you much better dynamics than a full-tube amp would but you will still get tube sweetness in the mix. And tube rolling still remains a possibility.

I agree with Aball. Two excellent suggestions.