Suggest an adequate mono amp for subwoofer

I own a dual 15 inch subwoofer that requires a 3 to 500 wat mono power amplifier to control the drivers. I understand there are mono amps manufactured for this very purpose. Anything in the $1,000.00 to $1500.00 range is my budget. Any suggestions here?
I think a Bryston 4B-ST will give you 400 watts in bridged mode. There's a couple for sale on audiogon for <$1000.
Check on the specs to see if I'm correct.
You can get there for a lot less than $1k. A classic Hafler DH-500 that will pump 255wpc@ 8 ohms in stereo mode and can deliver up to 800W in bridged mono. The DH-500 can deliver over 20 amperes into a short circuit! Do a web search for the legendary reputation the amp has.

I used one to run both my subwoofers and it had no problem.

They run $250-350 on the used market.
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