suggest a replacement tube for my Bellari VP-130..

I know changing tubes changes the sound of equipment. I found that out first hand when I changed tubes in my DAC-68, but I digress. I want to ditch the stock 12AX7 Chinese tube in my VP-130 but being this is my 1st tube pre I don't know where to start. TT is a Dual 721 with a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. Jazz and BritWave/NewWave (go figure) is the bulk of what I listen to.
For a low cost 12ax7 with exc. sound ..I would suggest a Ei Cryo 12ax7 ( new production ) under $25 and very good low cost tube ..Sold by Vintage tube I might sugesst one of the 5751 Black plates...Ge 5751 for more neutral presentation or RCA,Raytheon for a more lush sound...There are many more but these tubes come to mind first.The Vintage are normally 2 or 3 times more expensive,,,,
thanks for the info. Ordered the Ei and a Mullard for some "rolling" around to feel out the sound.