Suggest a preamp please

Current preamp Adcom older unit need preplaced. Must say I use a Numark equalizer to fine tune my sound as much as audiofiles hate them and needs to be replaced as well. Might consider no eq if the preamp works well enough I am a hard sell to remove the eq.

Budget: Under $1200
Current Speakers: Magnepan 3.5s
Amp: Innersound E300 ESL
DVD/CD player: Phillips 963SA

Listen to mostly rock, jazz and blues

Often DVD rock concerts.

Need a full function remote so I can be lazy.
Tube Preamp might be the ticket?

Perhaps a TacT will let you have your cake and eat it too.
Quicksilver Remote Linestage. 2 6922 tubes, and sounds GREAT. Should be in your price range. You'll forget the Adcom real quick.


Paul :-)
I went from an Adcom 565 to a VTL tubed preamp and it was one of the best changes I've made. There are plenty of good tubed preamp brands. Try and get some you can try at home.
Unsound: I'll second the recommendation (Tact 2.0s or Tact 2.2x) just get a powersupply upgrade.
Audible Illusions and Musical Fidelity make good ones that can be found in your price range on Audiogon. Your first step, however, would be to get Mye stands for your Maggies. Then I'd look at my front end. Getting a preamp with a good phono stage would help there. Your Innersound is a great choice for the Maggies.
I have had good luck with my Van Alstine T7ecr, it is a hybrid unit using 12at7 tubes.I only paid 550 for a 14 month old unit.... Since you can always upgrade Van Alstine equipment, you can save in the long run. I have had nothing but trouble with tube pre-amps over the years, this is the 1st that actually has any bass (in my application).The only professional review I have read about this pre-amp was from Tom Tyson, he said it was similar to the Bent pre-amp, with more drama....very neutral.