Suggest a good recording of Les Miserables

I have the 1987 Orig. Broadway cast version, which performance wise is excellent, yet I feel it is not a great recording sonically...some vocals are excellent, but orchestra is miked weakly and distant.

Would the London cast version, 10th anniversary, or complete symphonic cast recording be any better in this regard.

Thanks in advance for the info!
since noone has posted yet in the affirmative, I'll add my thoughts. I would also love to find a good quality recording but have not. I have the "Original Broadway . . ." and the "Hilights from the Symphonic International Cast Recording".

While each has it's merits in terms of the singers/performances, I prefer the latter by a little bit. The problem is both are disappointing from am engineering and instrumental point of view. Especially when compared to other musicals on CD such as the "Phantom of the Opera" I have.

I've been tempted to try one of the other releases but these 2 have me gun shy . . .