Suggest a digital cable-

So I'm looking for my "last" digital cable. I am running a digital cable between a Sim Neo 260D transport and a Bricasti M1 DAC. Amp and preamp are Pass (XP15, XP20, X250.8); speakers are Revel Studio 2.

Current digital cables- Creative Concepts Green Hornet, RCA/SPDIF
.                                    Transparent Audio Premium AES/EBU
.                                     Belden 1800F AES/EBU

frankly, all the digital cables sound very good- I just don't want to be leaving anything on the table-  I could go with either SPDIF or AES/EBU but to tell you- after careful listening, the two are, in my set up, essentially indistinguishable. 

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One of the bigger improvements you can make in a Transport/Dac combo is to break the ground plane between the two components so the transport doesn't pollute the dac

Here's is a cable designed to do just that ... I think this cable will yield more improvement due to isolating the ground noise than spending significantly much more money on a premium exotic type without any  isolation 

And it comes from the Cable Company who give you a free audition

Over the years with a big HT and hybrid 2-channel rig and for the past 7 1/2 years with a pure 2-channel rig, I've used a lot of digital cables at all levels from various manufacturers, all with at least good and in many cases, great results for audio quality and musicality. The best, and I think 'my last' digital cable is the Kubala-Sosna "ELATION" AES/EBU.  Flat out the best I've ever used and heard; I've been using 2 of these (almost 4 years now) between my Esoteric P03U and D03 and since last year, P-02 and D-02 with fantastic results. These cables aren't going anywhere until Joe dreams up something better!
I’m currently testing an Audience Au24SX balanced digital cable from Cable Company. Very nice, you might try one to see what you think.
I’ve used K-S Emotion digital cable in the past and thought it a bit on the warm side. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the K-S Elation I don’t doubt the above endorsement as their cables are excellent.
For more reasonably priced digital I like the Oyaide, comes balanced XLR and bnc or rca.

Turns out I'm more than  pleased with an AES/EBU cable from straightwire
KLEI gZero3D SPDIF ... very very analogue sounding :)

For retail products: + 1 on the KLEI gZero3D - see

Also agree on analogue sound 😊

If you are into DIY cables try this cable...

Currently using them for analogue and digital and have not found any better.

Superb details, image and clarity