Suggest a dac only (no analog preamp or phono) that does WQA better than the node 2i?

Greetings all!
Please suggest a quality DAC that will be a significant upgrade over the dac that's in
the Bluesound Node 2i, that I have? I don't need, nor want to pay for the option of a phono preamp (Brooklyn) or driving an amp.
MQA is highly desired unless someone can educate me about why not?
The PS Audio DirectStream would certainly do, but is currently out of my financial reach. ­čśĽ
Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated!
Good Listening!
The Mytek Brooklyn + will easily outperform a Blue Sound Node 2i.

We sell both. Also you can trade in your Node 2i and get a Lumin D2 which will also sound way better.

The Ifi Dsd pro also sound amazing, shitty app, and some issues but sonically amazing sounding. Does have a preamp but that can be bypassed.

So even units with Volume controls can be bybassed  the Mytek units are excellent, reasonably priced, and they work wonderfully well. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ NAD Blue sound, IFI, Mytek, Lumin dealers
Lumin D2 vs TEAC NT-505 in an honest DAC fight
which dac wins?