Suggest a dac only (no analog preamp or phono) that does WQA better than the node 2i?

Greetings all!
Please suggest a quality DAC that will be a significant upgrade over the dac that's in
the Bluesound Node 2i, that I have? I don't need, nor want to pay for the option of a phono preamp (Brooklyn) or driving an amp.
MQA is highly desired unless someone can educate me about why not?
The PS Audio DirectStream would certainly do, but is currently out of my financial reach. 😕
Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated!
Good Listening!

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TEAC NT-505 you don't like it sell it to me
silver S'il vous plaît
Lumin D2 vs TEAC NT-505 in an honest DAC fight
which dac wins?