Sugden SE CLASS A alternative? Immediacy AND definition under 3k 2nd hand?

I am looking for a new amp for my 92db 6 Ohm minimum, 7.6 Ohm average single driver alnico magnet speakers.

I am impressed with the Sugden A21SE CLASS A integrated that brings amazing detail, immediacy, flow, natural tone, soundstage and warmth to the table due to the purity of the single ended design (I havent heard that detail, immediacy AND warmth in a classic push pull CLASS A amp yet, let alone CLASS D - so no Devialet, or certain AB amps that trade immediacy for control and cold pressed dynamics like Ayre, Densen, Job 225).

I am wondering if there are more options under 3k (used, so no dartzeel) and under 45lbs (dont ask - so no PASS 30.8, Luxman, Accuphase) that deliver the same immediacy with more definition and stability (amp that “doubles” into 4 Ohm - so no Firstwatt J2, SIT, Tellurium Q Iridium 20) If you have experienced that immediacy of single ended CLASS A SS amps in general with 6Ohm+ speakers and have firsthand experience with even better alternatives please report. I wont rule out tubes but in my experience they either lack in detail/resolution or loose all the good qualities with complex music.

I have thought about firstwatt F5 / F6 , Brinkmann, Berning ZH230, Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 or ZOTL10, Soulnote 730, Tom Evans, and even a DIY options.
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Firstwatt F7 is an option, 20w into 8ohms, 30w into 4ohms with a high damping factor that controls speakers well (mine are 88db Gallos), $2500 new... A couple of strong reviews too if you value that sort of thing (I confess I do, makes for a good starting point anyway).