sugden p28 and c28

Hey everyone,

As some of you know, i'm currently on a search for a HQ, integrated or preamp/ power amp combo 'on the cheap'.

Would anyone here happen to have first hand experience w/ the Sugden pairing mentioned in my title? (P28 and C28)

I have an old pair of NHT 1.5 that i would like to run, but those speakers will be switched up to something more hi-res and better performing (I have either Epos M12.2 or Quad 12L in mind).

Thoughts on pre/ amp? comments? opinions?

thank you
no-one with ANY sugden experience?
I've got the P28/C29 combination in my second system (old school, Marantz CD94 and Musical Fidelity MC2 speakers). Had it since new (1989)but its still first class, typical Sugden sound, warm, powerful, plenty of depth and very involving without any fatigue over extended listening. Never missed a beat or caused any problems. The P28 can be switched internally to mono if you can find a second amp. I always wanted to try that but never could find a good condition second P28.
thank you for your response.

Would you classify the Sugden sound as being in keeping w/ other UK gear (eg. Creek)?

At some point, i hooked up the creek 5350se to those NHT's and the result was less than stellar. In fact, it was a terrible, no - horrible pairing.

Can anyone else chime in?
Cant comment on the pairing with the NHT1.5's, havent heard that particular speaker. I have heard the Sugdens with Proac and Tannoy (cant remember the model but they were big box furniture pieces) and they sounded superb with both. I have also heard that they pair very nicely with Totem speakers. I have never liked the Creek sound and I think you will find the Sugdens much better. However, system synergy is really important so you may have to take a gamble unless someone else can comment on your proposed match. Good luck, hope the above helps.

thank you so much for your input.

I'm still trying to figure out in what direction I wish to proceed.

I've even gone so far as to thinking about forgoing the amp altogether and just getting active Quad 12L's and be done with it! (since i wanted to upgrade speakers anyway!)

Again, your comments are really appreciated, as it's impossible for me to audition the gear before purchase.
Loose, I am also currently going thru a tricky process of building a new system with lots of research, some guess work and hopefully a bit of luck with system synergy (cables are currently occupying my time!). Not much chance to audition all my desired components due to dealer issues/location etc. Advice from the internet is an okay start but many will tell that such and such an amp is the worlds best etc. Such advice can only be a guide, as what is good for one system and room may sound inferior in another. FWIW, I always start with the speakers and build around them. Have fun!
I own one C28 preamp and 2 P28 amplifiers that I plan to bridge. However, I do not have any manual or schematics of either equipment. Can someone spare me anything on these items?