sugden masterclass vs. accuphase E550


For my studio system with Merlin TSM MMe I am currently considering Class A amps, after having heard some of the great tubes - my favorite the Berning ZH270, in use with my home system and VSM's.

After coming close to Accuphase E550, I would also like to hear about the Sugden Masterclass AA power amp, or Integrated.
Bear in mind, that I have extensive experience with the Pathos TT, which I dearly loved, but had to give up due to a water damage :-(

Are they comparable to the Pathos? And to each other? what else?

please do not respond to this thread anymore: I have had it reworded with accuphase vs sugden, and somehow, it got some of you guys going, it seems sugden does not move us enough??
post in the other thread please..