Who knows about SUGDEN MASTERCLASS FPA-4 ? Is it really a hi end class A amp?
Would it sound good with Monitor Audio PL-300?


I really wish I could answer that--I was looking into it myself earlier this year.  Depending on where you are you might be able to audition their A21 integrated and get a taste of their sound. Tone Imports is the distributor, but I don't think many carry their separates in the states. I did find a magazine review that mostly loved the clarity and purity of tone, but found the power lacking (measurements were something like 23 watts @ 8ohm & 28 @ 4).  And as Stereophile measurements show the MA 300 to be more like 87db efficiency instead of 90db, it's probably not a great match for larger rooms or louder volumes.

FWIW I ended buying a used First Watt M2. If I could upgrade every piece of my system but one, that'd be what I kept.  I haven't dealt with them, but Reno Hifi sells Pass Labs & First Watt online, and do allow for home auditions.  They could probably also best direct you to the model that would best match your speakers & taste.
I have heard it on the Wilson Benesch Vector and it sounded great. An excellent match. I have also heard it on the ProAc Response D-40r. Also a great match. Very neutral and pure in tone. Excellent bass drive particularly on the Vector.
gnostalgick and Jperry,

Thanks a lot your opinions.
Monitor Audio matches very well low power amps, specially Class A.
I hope the soundstage would be nice.

Thanks again!

The sound stage was great on both speakers I heard them on. I have not heard the Monitor Audio speakers so I can't comment. I would have purchased, but it was not the best match with my preamp. 
OK jperry!
Let us know if you get one & how it works out.

jperry, may I ask where you heard it?
Arizona Hi Fi in Phoenix, AZ. Great shop with great products and a great owner.
I have the Sugden FP-4 amp with the Sugden DAP800 preamp
its a nice combination.
It sounds natural and a good sountstage,and enough power to drive my Kharma DB7-S speakers.

I have the Sugden FPA-4. It's nice with Auralic Altair Streamer-DAC-PRE-Amp.
Sounds very well with my Monitor Audio PL-300 floorstanding speakers.
Soundstage and power, really very nice.
A hi-end equipment you buy without sell "your house".