Sugden Integrated IA-4 versus Ayre AX-7

I am considering a Sugden IA-4 to replace an Ayre AX-7 anyone any experience with both these amps?

Or even with the Sugden in general? I used to have a Sugden a21a before I went to the AX-7.

My source is an Oppo 105 and speakers Proac 2.5's.
Because the CX-7 is a CD player which I replaced with an Oppo 105 and I saw a Sugden amp and I thought might just replace my amp also.
Did you end up upgrading to the Sugden IA-4?  I'm curious to know your opinion on the amp.  Thx
I have an Ia4 and an A21 SE...Firehazard my a**. no idea where the above poster came up with that. I sense some favoritism of Ayre, which I like. It's a much dryer sound than Sugden though. Sugden is lush, truthful, detailed spacious and airy. All pure Class A gets warm, but I have been running my A21SE for a few year not even close to a fire hazard. 

Sometimes I can't believe the bullsh*t perpetrated on these forums. What you choose will depend on your taste. 
Have you considered the Ayre EX-8 2.0 integrated amplifier? It comes as an analog version only or can be ordered with a DAC.

I was very impressed with the EX-8 2.0 sound quality meaning it was like my previous Ayre AX-7e amp BUT sounds much, much better.

Ayre reports the 2.0 version"adds the extra ventilation to the unit and with the extra devices, brought the temperature down considerably, particularly on the front of the unit (and I agree). Their 2.0 upgrade doubled the number of output devices and capacitance for the output stage of the amplifier. Ayre reports the more capacitance, the better, and the doubled number of devices helps the EX-8 drive harder-to-drive and lower ohm speakers more effortlessly and lets their benefits shine. Ayre also optimized several places in the Diamond circuit that we discovered after first releasing the EX-8 that overall improves the sound. In all, the EX-8 simply sounds like it has more power better range. Bass feels stronger and the mids clearer without losing any of the resolution it had". The Ayre EX-8 2.0 is an excellent sounding amplifier.
@jc51373 I agree on you statement about BS info in these forums. I have been in the shadows here for years and see it all the time.