Sugden Connoisseur BD1

Here goes I just acquire a Sugden Connoisseur BD1 with no tonearm the TT looks in Mint shape and it has a new belt .

This turntable plinth is cut for installing a SME tonearm now shopping around and see the cost of this type of tonearm is not cheap at all.

My question is can I install a other type of arm and if so which arm beside the SME should I look at since the plinth is cut for a SME is there other ways around that .

At the present moment I have a Thorens 166 MK II and I'm using a Goldring Eletra Cartridge that sounds very well .

My system is a Cayin TA 30 integrated amp , Speakers are Buggtussel solitarius and my PRO-JECT Phono Box Mk2 MM/MC

Not sure which direction to go here should I find a arm compare both and see which is the better TT and then make my choice .

Also anyone has any exprience with Sugden Connoisseur BD1 does any one has a manual for it would be nice there is not much on the net on it.

So all input will help and thanks all for the time .
My first belt drive TT was a Connoisseur BD1. I used a Decca International arm with it.

I presume your SME mount is the oval cutout style. You are right that you can't find a cheap arm for this unless you get lucky and find an older SME (like a IIIs) at a good price.

Your only other option is to make a new plinth.

I have also owned a Thorens TD166. I think you will probably find that the BD is not a great improvement over the 166, just different. The advantage of the BD1 is that you can use any arm with it if you have an appropriate plinth top.

If it were up to me I would use the Thorens and try to mount a Rega arm on that. Replacement arm mounts are available on eBay, but installing one is not a simple operation. It would probably be easier to make a Rega plinth for the Connoisseur.

Good luck and happy listening!