Sugden A48B

Hi everyone,

I currently own an older sugden a48b, high current, tested at a stable 50wpc (amp has received upgrades).

The amp is being used with a pair of NHT 1.5's, but I'm displeased w/ the sound (and I do not believe it's the fault of the amp). What i'm hearing is a veiled midrange with a 'hard' top end (hard sounding, yet not extended).

I'm looking to get better transparency in the midrange and more subtlty in the high frequencies (but with excellent extension), but my concern is that the amp will not properly drive the speakers that I have in mind.

I'm interested in the Epos M12.2 (not 12i), but a former Epos dealer states the combination would be 'boring'. I've always thought of that speaker as being a bit forward and 'in your face' with excellent midrange openness, but now i'm hesitant, as I would have to buy used.

the former owner of the amp states that he used to run a pair of Totem Model Ones with that amp with good results, and I know the Model One requires good current/ amplification (so that's a positive).

My main concern is that the sound i'm getting is characteristic of the amp itself, which no speaker will 'rectify'. Difficult to say without having other speakers on hand (sucks being poor).

Short list of speakers (bass not an issue - own a powered sub for the lowest notes):

epos m12.2
quad 12l (i may even go for Actives and lose the amp entirely, but i'm not sure)
Audio Physic Yara II classic
Proac Tablette 2000
Totem Arros
Totem Rainmakers

Any - and i mean ANY other suggested contenders that have an 'open' sound characteristic would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows that particular integrated amp, please chime in on its sound character as you perceived it to be.

Thanks in advance, everyone!
any help at all here?

i'm trying to avoid making a poor move, if at all possible, so anyone who can chime in would be appreciated.

thanks again
Hi, while I am not familiar with your sugden amplifier ,50 watts per with a speaker of low sensitivity might be most of your problem. I would suggest trying at least 100 watts per channel or a speaker with higher sensitivity. It also would help if you gave more information on you system, room size, source components, cables, etc. TG
the nht's are rated at 86db/ w/m, but are still relatively easy to drive speaker load.

The room is 9x 14-ish, source is Rotel rcd971 (old and sterile, but sounded pretty good when paired w/ my old Unico and Neat Mystiques).

Cables = variety of cables that i swap in and out ranging from Ecosse to MIT to Monster to Audioquest.

Is the Epos m12.2 considered to be a 'difficult' load?
Check out Reference 3A or Zu for big improvement over your NHT.
Music Reference DeCapoi
Harbeth HL7-es2(used)
Harbeth HL-P3-es2
Spendor SA1
Spendor 3/5R
Totem Signiture 1
Soundsmith Monarch
Soundsmith Dragonfly
Quad 12L
Quad 11L
Macrojack- thanks for your recommendation of the Reference 3A, but when I last auditioned these 'wonder speakers', i was underwhelmed. At that time, I ended up w/ a pair of StudioLab Reference 1's which i later swapped for a pair of Neat Mystiques. (had to eventually sell all that gear, hence my being stuck w/ the bottom of the barrel).

Magnumpi - Do you have experience w/ the Quads? I've been kicking around the idea of used 12Ls, but have also read that the actives are much, much better.

Is it possible for you to chime in on that?

As usual, all comments are appreciated.
Hey Loose try pinging RGA over at Audio Asylum. He knows a thing or two about Sugden amps.
Have had or listened to all the speakers on the list. The original Quad 12l is a speaker I still have. I think it is better than the newer version and replaced the Von Scweikert VR1s.
The order I posted is pretty much the order of preference with the Quad and Soundsmiths being pretty comparable.
That said, the Quads can be had for one fourth the price on Ebay. This makes them a great value. Great sound and easy to drive.
The Reference 3a speakers will grow on you, I have the Grande Veenas and love them.
Genkides -

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely look into chatting w/ him.

Magnumpi - I'm glad to hear you like the Quads. I have read that the active quads are quite a bit better, even, than the standard 12L. Know anything about that?

So far, everyone's been quite helpful and it's really appreciated.
Ebay-Dealer is Lanemart