sugden A21L integrated amp vs PS Audio hca 2 ...??

I'm considering buying one of them to drive my b@w 805 matrix series 2 (bookshelf) monitors....for both 2 channel music listening and keep the same setup for home theatre. also considering the PS Audio HCA 2 amp (but I understand that i'd also need their preamp, too, which would
make the cost double that of the Sugden...(currently i have a NAD 1=710 integrated amp/receiver...but too weak to really drive well my b&w matrix speakers with a sensitivity
of 88 db).
if you want a great intergrated check these out before you buy the sugden which is a very polite sounding unit,naim nait-5 you can upgrade it at any time with another amp for bi-amping..also primare a-20 70 watts of pure music...and also can bi-amp......both these choices are better then the audio is a nice amp,but you will need a pre or a volume source.
You most definately do NOT need the PS Audio preamp to run their amp (They aren't Spectral pieces!). You can run pretty much any single ended or balanced preamp you find, active or passive, tube, SS or even digital.