Sugden a21 question....

I need a little help as a relative novice. I just bought Gallo Reference III speakers (which I love by the way) and am now looking into a new integrated amp. The Sugden a21 is very intriguing to me, but I wonder if the 25 watts of class A power is enough to drive my 88db speakers. Any information would be very appreciated.
The short answer is, no. I think you'd be rather disappointed with that pairing off. Those Gallo's need some muscle to do their best, and, as good as the Sugden may be, 25 watts is just not enough to push an 88db speaker to satisfying volumes. If I were you, I'd be looking at amps putting out 50-100 watts minimum. I do like the Portal Panache, and it pushes my 89db Silverline SR17s without breaking a sweat. That's 100 wpc. I have tried the same speakers with lesser power and though they will play tunefully, they do run out of steam sooner, especially in larger spaces. There are many good integrateds out there in that price range that I'm sure would do well for you. You may also want to research compatibility with your speakers of the Unison Unico SE version, as well as offerings by Musical Fidelity, Creek and Audio Aero, among others.

I agree with Marco. you'll get sdound out of the speakers, but dull, lacking any dynamics or life. The Sugden is a beautiful amp and Class A output probably drives a speaker better than Class A/B or valves(that may get some criticism), but you are asking too much of the amp. Most speakers give a maximum and minimum output to run the speakers with and they are pretty reliable. Give the speaker less than the stated minimum and you just won't get the best out of it
There is a newer version of the Sugden A21a (an amp I use to own)just being released in the UK.It's more modern looking and costs twice the price.The new A21SE is rated at 21W but remember Class A is a different ball game.
Correction the SE is rated at 30 into 8ohms. It would run them but the price in USD is around 3500-3750.
The new A21SE is rated at 21W but remember Class A is a different ball game.

May be a different ball game, but still not in the right ball park in my experience. Two of the SS amps I've tried with my 89db SR17's were class A. The Aleph 5 putting out 50wpc, and the Bedinie 25/25 putting out, you guessed it, 25wpc. Both class A amps. In a larger space both could put out a fairly satisfying volume, but if you ever wanted to push it with dynamic music, again the results were less than satisfying in comparison to more powerful amps. In a smaller room you may be fine. But I'd still say you'd be on the borderline. $3k+ is a whole lot to risk...I'd see if you can get to audition them in your system before dropping that kind of coin.

Thank you all for your replies. That is kind of what I figured, but thought I would ask anyway. So it looks like it goes to my next two choices, which are the Portal Panache or the Unico with the Underwood Level 2 mod.
Any opinions on those?
I've only heard the un-modded standard Unico, but with some premium tube (don't recall which), and only in two very similar systems paired off with Solilquy 5.3 speakers (90db efficient floorstanders). In one room it sounded pretty compelling to me, in my own room not nearly as much so. I find the Panache far more engaging and much better at rendering a dimensional soundstage. Now I have no experience with the Underwood modded Unico, nor the newer Unico SE. They've both recieved great reviews, as did the original. I think synergy and personal preferences are going to be a strong determinant of what works for you.

You MUST try the amp with those speakers.
Dont believe everything you hear abvout "power hungry" speakers.
I have the Sugden Masterclass Integrated with 33 watts.
They power my Nautilus 805 very well. Better sounding than the 180 watt amps I tried.
Class A is different.
I second JeffJarvis. Although specs would indicate otherwise, sometimes the amp design is key to driving a pair of speakers properly. Real life example: a pair of X-1 and SW-1 two way monitors and their passive 10" woofer tower stands. They are supposed to be driven with a minimum of 100 watts+ of SS power...I drove them with a McCormack DNA-225 at 200 watts/channel..ear splitting levels, a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 at 110 watts of tube power...great sound....and also with a Sharp EX-111 that cost around $ all in one unit with just 20 watts per channel. The last pairing was amazing. I did not bring down the house, but I was running hard enough to feel the bass in my chest. You might be surprised or disappointed with the pairing of the Sudgen. Can always buy used and later sell.
So you guys think that the Sugden, may be powerful enough? The amp really intrigues me and I would love to hear it first, but that does not seem possible. I do not need ear-splitting levels, but I want it to be controlled and be able to play semi-loud. Thanks for your time.
I own the power amp version, the A21a, and I have used it to run a pair of Vienna Acoustics Beethovens (91db at 4ohms). It is an excellent amp and sounded great with the Beethovens at volumes as loud as I cared to listen with a wide variety of music. Also used it with a pair of ADS L-1290s (90db at 8ohms) with equal success. It is a sweet-sounding amp for sure.
I power two Soliloquy 5.3is with the Sugden integrated AMP. I get up to about 40% on the dial and it fills the house with sound (2100 square feet). My Denon A/V receiver at 70 watts per channel cant even come close. Class A is a whole different ballgame.

However, the Gallos require more power than Soliloquys without a doubt. The sensitivity rating cannot guide you well. You will have to pair them and see.
Call Sugden and ask for Tony.

or email,
My Sugden A21a drive a Proac Tab.Ref.8 Sig.Speaker. Into 8 ohms 86 db. in the room about 35 square meter. That use about 9 o'clock of volume knob.That no problem of power for normal listening. I love this sweet amp. You may try to listen with your speaker.For the best answer.
I use the a21ap to drive my VR3s (93db) and it drives my speakers as sweet as can be, but I really can't turn the volume up higher than about 6 o'clock. I don't think 88db will be a problem for that amp, it punches like its a heavy weight. Try the combo and see what happens...