Sugden A21 AP or Pass Labs Aleph 30?

I am considering a new amp for my bedroom system. I wanted to go with a reasonably priced class a amp. I am considering either the Sugden A21 AP or the Pass Labs Aleph 30. I will be matching the amp with a Van Alstine Transcendence 6 hybrid tube amp and Epos ELS3 bookshelf speakers (90db efficient, I believe). If you have owned either of these 2 amps, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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I got an ELS3 for my in-laws non-audiophile system, but also tried it on my own. It's an OK speaker for the money, but I think you can do better on the used market. A pair of Soliloquy SAT 5's would be a better choice IMO for just a bit more money perhaps.

Can't comment on the amp stuff as I haven't heard either.

I would like to hear from any more Sugden or Pass Aleph 30 owners.

I have a Pass Aleph 3 in my second system. It runs hot but is superb sounding. Very natural. It has run flawlessly for 10 years. It would mate very well with 90db speakers. I have read that the Aleph 30 is a slightly more refined/improved version of the 3 in a more conventional chasis. Build quality is outstanding and there are good deals here on Audiogon. You can not go wrong with Pass Labs.
I am replacing my Aleph 30 with a Red Wine Audio Signature 30 amplifier. The Aleph is pure Class A whick makes it very hot. This happens because it operates very inefficiently and is a major energy hog. On the plus side, it is very good sounding and highly detailed. The Signature 30 sounds better though and runs on battery power making it very efficient and quieter than any amplifier you have ever heard.
If, after reading this, you still want an Aleph, contact me.
I have not heard the Sugden but I investigated it before settling on the Pass. I decided that the Pass would be much easier to resell and would no doubt hold its value better. Besides, its the basis for all the First Watt stuff Nelson is making now. Check it out. They all use the same chassis and I have read that the basic circuit is still inplace on the newer models. You cannot get it upgraded however.
I have two Aleph 30 in passive biamp. configuration (see my system).
The Alephs amplifier are superb and wonderfull amplifiers. DonĀ“t worry about they run hot. If you have any doubts you can contact to Mr.Nelson Pass at First Watt.
You can buy used for 800u$s in perfect conditions.
If you buy the old Aleph series remember that they have very low input impedance. Aleph 30 and 60 are better in that category.
If you want to buy new models you can go to the Aleph J.