Sufjan Stevens 'Michigan'

I like quiet, subtle, eclectic, acoustic, alternative music and Sufjan Stevens Michigan is all these things.

I considered his Illinois (he is creating and album for every state I have read) but it is more complex and less earthy.

Similar music would be Iron and Wine but this has more going on and is more varied. Ida is similar but this is more folksy. Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions sometimes has a similar mood. The Beatles White album is similar in the fact that woodwind instruments are used tastfully.

This album is a terrific individual effort and I hope I have conveyed the essence of it.

Happy listening to those who take the plunge - or shallowy wade up to this recording :^)
I should mention there can be several background vocals accenting and complimenting Sufjan's own vocals on any given track. A nice effect subtly done that add depth.
I really like Michigan and Illinoise on LP - it's hard to believe they are digitally recorded. They sound amazing. I'm looking forward to his new LP.
must say that illinoise and michigan strike me as two of the best cds i own (sonics aside; i'm simply speaking of the music).

sufjan is a genius.
2004's "Seven Swans" is also a fantastic album.
Yes. Awesome music.
I am incredibly impressed with Illinoise, and the more I listen, the more it grows on me. It is really excellent and the recording is superb. Went out and got Michigan but found the music to be a little disjointed and not as interesting. Maybe I need to give it some time?
If you ever get a chance to see the show he did on Austin City Limits, check it out.
Wireless - I have to try and see that Austin City Limits! Hopefully they'll replay it.

A number of years ago I agreed to color correct segments from a low budget concert film - that ended up being Sufjan's. They shot 5 cameras - all different formats - 16mm film, HDV, DV, 4x3, 16X9, etc. and needed them to be able to cut together and look similar. It was a fun job and quite challenging makeing the video look like film, but it was a great introduction to Sufjan's music that I had only read about at that point. The film has yet to be released.