Sufjan Stevens, Come On Feel The Illinoise

This cd has found it's way into my cdp everyday this week. Seriously, I can't recall the last time an album has affected me like this.

Well recorded also.
I've been completely addicted since the first time I heard it on the University Of Philadelphia's WXPN. I hope he plays another World Cafe show with David Dye soon. Seems like it's in heavy rotation for a year now.

Sufjan's very unique, fun - but in a sick, scary Depp/Wonka way. Have to go. I hear Autobahn (45 version) starting.

Peace out. Kevin
Kevin, it is the University of Pennsyvania. . .
michigan is even better. much better, in fact.

the rest of his catalog disappoints in comparison.

interesting to read the liner notes: he thanks his local priest for letting him record some organ lines taken from the church organ. i want to say you can hear the train going by in the background of a track on michigan (as he recorded part of it in his apartment).

all said, SS is a genius. (if you like him, check out luke temple).
timrhu you might wanna check out the new Iron & Wine album if you haven't heard it yet. I'll have to go with Illinoise over Michigan though. I just dug up some old threads where just a few of us were trying to turn people onto this album well over 2 years ago.
gave my vinyl copy away - couldn't help but share it and turn on a fellow audiophile to sufjan, need to replace soon
the vinyl is spectacular

all sufjan's material is excellent
I believe I recall reading some of those threads but hadn't tried it. After hearing Sufjan's contribution to the Joni Mitchell I purchased the Illinoise cd. Others will follow soon.
Agreed. When I first heard "John Wayne Gacy" I had to listen to it 3 times, so taken was I with the melody and lyrics.

Sufjan is incredible, but not for everyone. Most folks I've given a sampling to did not like it. I think they are missing the boat, but to each his own.
Regarding "John Wayne Gacy": It takes quite a talent to present such a terrible subject in such a beautiful manner. He's great live too.
Spiritualized- I wish I had said it as well as you :)

I have a funny introduction to Sufjan.

I read some reviews of Illinios when it first came out and hoped to hear it at some point. A few months later I was contact by a filmmaker that shot a Sufjan live concert all with diffferent cameras, 16mm film, DV, HDV and wanted me to match them as close as possible, which I was able to do for them.

After I that really grew to like Illinios more and more.

When I got my new Raven One table, I broke down and got the LP.

It is phenominal musically and sonically, especially for a low budget digital recording.

I think this really shows how a recording done with dynamics and not mastered loudly can sound quite good, as opposed to the major releases these days.

I actually like his other release Seven Swans on LP and have to listen more to Michigan, also on LP
After listening to "John Wayne Gacey" numerous times now I have to say it is one powerful song. The breathing at the end seals it.