I built myself one of those FleXy Table racks, a DIY project, but now I'd like to have decent rack. Thing is, I've been searching the web, and not coming up with much, and what little I've found I can't make head or tail of. All I can do is say to myself, "Well, that looks to be solid", or "Boy, that looks flimsy".
That's a long way of saying: Who makes affordable, quality racks? I need a four shelf rack, where the top shelf would be for the turntable. I have a large, heavy amp, which I'd like to have on the bottom shelf. I like wood, but am open-minded about frame materials. Who should I look at, in terms of manufacturers, or distributers? I'd like to keep it in the sub-$1500 range.
Some of the ones I've seen and liked are: Adona Imigi Nemesis, Steve Binn, Noblesse Guizi, and Timbernation. Who am I missing? What should I look for? Any advice you might have will be appreciated!
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I really like Adona. Looks and sounds good, and shelves are adjustable which is great.
Give The Cable Company a call. I'm not sure if they still make them, but the racks made by Michael Green are really good, and not too expensive. Maybe you can get something on close out. Same thing with Polycrystal.
Check with Chris at Timbernation. You can see the walnut rack I purchased on my system page.
It can take a while or really take a while, depending on where you line up in the queue. I've had a rack and some speaker stands made and both came within a month. I've heard some have taken longer but his work is among the best.

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I've the Quadraspire Sunoko Vent and it is light years ahead of my Target stand. Quite dynamic, open and controls the bass well. I was shocked by how much better it is than the Target.
Try Audio Elegance.
I bought a new Steve Blinn super-wide rack in May and I still get a charge out of how beautiful it is finished - both the wood shelves that fairly glow and the extruded frame as well. I keep it dusted with a Billy Bragg Brush that costs about $35 and it manages to get under almost every component without drama. I put my rack on Herbie's titanium gliders and replaced the rubber shelf supports shipped from the factory with 7/8" Herbie's adhesive dots and the whole system sounds much better now than when most of my gear was on the hodge-podge of racks I had collected over 25 years. Highly recommended.
Symposium Osiris with copper legs get the best sounding rack out there.