third of my tracks are 'unavailable' using Qobuz

Hi all, I am now thinking this might be a common occurrence with any of the music services but I went to my favourite playlist I created using Qobuz and suddenly 20 tracks out of the 63 tracks I have added is now unavailable? I guess Qobuz is like popular video streaming services where movies come and go. That is disappointing :(

I am in Canada by the way. Wishing everyone the best from beautiful Nova Scotia! 

Folks, I am very error. It turns out those songs that were unavailable in my playlist were due to my local QNAP file server being powered off. This is not a Qobuz problem at all ...
It’s okay - we’ve all made silly mistakes like that. I’d start a thread on that topic and admit to my own bonehead error, but I’m too embarrassed. I need a few more years to get over it.
All of my tracks are available. They’re always on. No files or filters to fumble up.

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And this is exactly why I "buy" physical media. It will never disappear. CD', LP's, Cassettes......
I have found that to true, but also entire albums.
Take for example Ray Charles' Genius Loves Company

Can anyone else access that album?

Maybe it's now restricted in my location?
I couldn’t find that exact title either but a search turned up no less than 13 albums by Ray Charles with the word genius in them. I suspect that because his material has been re-packaged so many times the album you’re looking for is under one of those other “genius“ titles.