Sudden problem with turntable

I have a rega p5 with a ortofon black. it used to sound great. yesterday i put on a record and it sounded terrible, really muddy. My knowledge of turntables is very limited. Is it possible that i damaged the stylus? Any suggestions as to how i would determine what happened?
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Take the cartridge out and send it to'll get back smiles again.  Don't bother with anything else since this happened suddenly....not a setup or cleaning suggestion.
Do you have other sources? Sound okay? If not, could there be blown tweeters?
Yup, input for DAC sounds fine. 
+1 @stringreen but since the OP is using the Ortofon 2M Black (as opposed to any MC) he can change the stylus at a lower cost. This is assuming that it is stylus damage, and suspension is still good. As the OP has described this change as being sudden, and dramatic, my suspicion would definitely be on the stylus
Just re-read the post again. My bad. I thought he said the 2M. If it is the Cadenza, Soundsmith would be an option, but be prepared to wait for it to come back. My last cartridge was there for 2-3 months