Sudden problem with turntable

I have a rega p5 with a ortofon black. it used to sound great. yesterday i put on a record and it sounded terrible, really muddy. My knowledge of turntables is very limited. Is it possible that i damaged the stylus? Any suggestions as to how i would determine what happened?
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Sorry, meant Vinyl Engine for protector

Could it be that the suspension on your cartridge has given up the ghost and collapsed, and (at the worst) you're just dragging along on the cartridge body?  
Bpoletti I can take a look. I know the cartridge isn’t dragging but how would I tell if the suspension is sagging. I am ordering a digital stylus and jewelers loupe and have also downloaded a protractor   
Check the VTA - vertical tracking angle. I had a very similar, very frustrating experience recently, and taught myself to adjust the height of the base of the tonearm. I raised it up and then slowly lowered it down in increments until it hit the spot where the sound was clear and beautiful again.
No love for my suggestion that would have cost you nothing. Too late for it now. Good Luck!