Sudden Guitar Amp Failiure

Hey all , new here , i'll try to keep it short :Old Marshall hybrid amp, worked until I screwed up by using contact cleaner on the tube socket and didn't wait enough , switched the amp on , very loud hum with no guitar signal (around 120Hz I believe), whether the guitar's plugged in or not , turning the knobs is useless , dead LED lights.

Quickly turned it off when I noticed an unusual smell with a bit of "innocent" smoke coming from the back , near the x-former.

My guess is that the contact cleaner caused a short from the tube socket to the nearby coupling caps and overloaded the rest of them , though the fuses look fine , the tranny is obviously fine , and there are no burn marks, caps look fine but ill replace them anyway,

could it be something else?

raw, it could be anything. I would blow everything off  with a heat gun. Always keep the gun moving as you do not want to burn anything. You can also blow everything off with electronics cleaner which you can get at any Auto parts store then blow it off with the heat gun again. Turn it on and see if it works. If not then you had best send it in for service. You will just waste money changing parts.
Makes sense , makes sense

I just detected a couple of wobbly caps , 2200uF 50v , in the power module circuit , something just screams "capacitors" , but at this point who knows 

Thanks anyway 
If the amp is old (> 30 years) , those caps will go anyway. Nothing wrong with recapping it all.