successor to Adcom Gcd750

I am looking for a cd player which will offer a significant improvement in sound quality. the adcom is not transparent enough and top end air is limited. I am willing to forgo sacd playback, and am very interested in upsampling and 24\96 compatibility. Thanks! Phil
Keep the Adcom as a transport and try out the Perpetual Technologies P1-A, P3-A DSP upsampler and DAC, respectively (if you are interested in upsampling and 24/96). I have heard this combo at my buddy's place and it rivals and in some ways is better than my $4300 Muse combo. You can purchase them direct from their Web-Site or even on Audiogon. Be sure and purchase the Monolithic Power supply to run the two pieces. This baby makes a HUGE difference for the better.
Unfortunately, the Adcom does not have a digital out, only in.
I used to have a gcd-750. I also had my sony xa7es at the same time. I thought the 750 was a price leader for the 700 range, but the sony was quite a bit more transparent and detailed. I would just sell the 750 and buy a higher end cd player. You probably get $700 for the adcom, and buy an Sony XA7ES 1100. It has a built in preamp if you need it. Two other alternatives would be the scd-777 (SACD) for 1700ish new, or the new sony dvd (?) 9000 combo dvd/sacd/cd player for 1400 ish new. I have heard the 9000 on cd's and SACDs, and it is pretty good. I would guess it is a step up from the adcom 750, but did not a/b them. Check out past threads on by searching 'cd' in the archives. Lot's of opinions.