Success with Gaylord / Legend audio at home?

This stuff always sounds great at the shows but I would like to hear from people who have experience with this equipment at home. And how this gear compares to other equipment. Particularly the speakers and the Starlet amp. Thanks.
I had purchased a phono stage =from another local member here and he had the Legend Speakers in his system. I had also heard the Legend room at the San Francisco HE 2003 show, I felt the Legend room was one of the best I heard.
Anyways, the person whom I purchased the Phono Stage from had the Legends in his main room and I was equally amazed. the system sounded much larger than I expected, I always walk away thinking somehow i've been fooled and the Legends have a sub in the mix, ...a pair Legend speakers are on my wish list.
Hi, I have the Legend Audio Lad L-2 preamp and the Triode mono block amp. To me it sounds the best I have ever heard in my system. Comparing the other brands I had, I was a BAT guy, I had the 50SE preamp and VK 60 amp and the VK75 SE amp. But nothing sounded as good as the Legend Audio preamp Lad L2 and the triodes amp. I had Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, Krell, Classe, Bryston, Nad, Parasound, Adcom, Theta, Michael Yee, Counterpoint, and I have a Levinson 27.5 amp on my other system almost all except the Lams and the Burmeister. I heard Lam and Burmeister at the CES 2005 show but nothing as good as the Von Gaylord room and it sounded the best that I have ever heard. I am selling the Lad L2 preamp ( which is on Audiogon now ) and am upgrading to the Signature preamp by Von Gaylord. I will sell my triodes amp also when I get the Nirvana amp by Von Gaylord within the next month. Someone is selling a triodes mono block and would be a perfect match with my Lad L2 preamp. If you never heard it in your home you are missing out. The Von Gaylord eletronics might sound good at the show but it you hear it in you home, it would sound better.
I will agree. Heard the Von Gaylord system at the San Francisco show and I was floored. A friend of mine has Wilson Max and all Krell top of the line and he could not believe the sound. Needless to say I sold my HT stuff Sim Audio Titan Aerial 10t center and surrounds EAD sig and Aerial sub which I really liked and have never looked back. I sit back glass of wine in hand at night listen to the RAT pack live in Las Vegas and you swear your right in the room amazing. Ray is a great guy. Any Questions he gets right back and answers them for you. He came out and set the whole system up can not beat that.
I have the Starlet amp combined with Reynaud Trentes, and for the price point, I think you cant go wrong. You can find them used for around 1500. The 6550s are replaceable with KT88s, but just stock, it sound great, tonality, detail, and 40W per channel of single end sound.
Before I bought the Legend Audio Triode amps, I had listened to many, many different set-ups, including some very expensive systems, as I am extremely picky about the sound I wanted. I took a number of amps home, heard others at shows, and spent a LONG time going from dealer to dealer listening to all their specialties, and never heard any that impressed me as much as the Legend Audio system. I own their Triode amps and pre-amp. They are not as mainstream as others, or as well known, but they have a very loyal following from their customers that know just how special their products really are. They also sound just as good when you get them home, you don't have to tweak them, toe them, twiddle or fiddle a lot with them or all the other things that you are supposed to have to do to other equipment to have it sound "presentable" or "listenable". They also have great customer service even after the sale, which is very important. Buy them, you won't be disappointed.