Subwoofers with Fritz Carbon 7's?

I'm contemplating going from full-range speakers (Polk LSI15's) to the stand mount Fritz Carbon 7's. However, I'm concerned that I might be given up some of the bass I'm use to having. Is anyone using the Fritz Carbon 7's with a subwoofer. If so, which subwoofers, and how's the combination. I'm using Van alstine and Odyssey electronics.

I own a pair of carbon 7's. I would suggest trying without a sub first. It will surprise you how much bass they are capable of. You could then add a sub if needed.
Wouldn't depend on the room? A Passion, how big is your room? Like Bjl said one of the strengths of the Carbon 7s is their bass for their size.
Good point. My room is 14 x 16. At one point I had the Polk LSI 9 monitors which had a nice full side, but decided I wanted more bottom end and upgraded to the Polk LSI 15's. At the present moment, I'm thinking about going back to monitors.


A REL probably would be a safe choice. A set of stratas would sound amazing :P
How about a Rythmik F-12? I love mine and it is quite affordable, great resale value, and of course great sounding.
We used the Carbon 7's in our 14 x 19 room at THE SHOW with 40 watt push-pull tube amps. While we had a sub, the Carbon 7's did fine on their own so we ran them without the sub. I'd recommend trying it that way first.
You really don't need Subwoofer with Carbon 7. IMO, the best
monitors under $4000.00
they'll go a bit lower with a PP tube amp