subwoofers w/room correction

are there any subwoofers with built in room correction other then Velodyne and JL Audio? i am not interested in using a sms-1 or the like, just want everything in one box and want to make sure there isnt anything else out there i may be overlooking if i decide to go that route.
Many Infinity subs use their RABOS System.Some Velodyne subs provide remote setting via mic which does some room correction.

One word of caution:

If you're looking for simplicity of set-up and use, the Velodyne may not be what you think it is. I use an SMS-1, which I BELIEVE has the same functionality as the Velo subs with on-board auto-correct. Unfortunately, the aut system is pretty terrible. It ignores the parametric capabilities available in manual set-up. Manual mode is a real PITA, but it is night and day better than auto-set-up.

BTW, I've always believed that this is why people sometimes walk away from Velo sub auditions unimpressed. I'm sure that most dealers just hit the "auto" button and call it a day.

Good Luck.

Marty is spot-on. The auto setup on the Velodynes is grossly inferior to a manual setup but both are limited to a single microphone position and only account for frequency response correction.

The JL is a pretty simply single frequency parametric EQ and the Infinity/Revel offering is, imho, tedious without being comprehensive. I do use a JL sub in one system and I think it is great but I do use an external EQ with it.

The Paradigm subs with ARC offer multiple microphone positions and account for FR as well as mode/decay compensation. AFAIK, Paradigm has the best built-in sub EQ:

You might want to visit the Home Theater Shack forum and read up on DSP bass correction.
I'm using a Behringer DSP-1124P as a parametric eq for my Avantgarde Sub 225 bass units.
There's a wealth of information on this topic.
The Behringer has potential but (1) it is not built in as requested by the OP and (2) it also requires a competent external measurement system (e.g., REW) to calculate the necessary filters.