Subwoofers for my Revel Salons?

I'm debating on a pair of Velodyne DD-18s (maybe DD-15s) or the JL Audio F-113s for my two channel music only system. I have to pull the trigger soon! Please help. I know the Velodynes have the better setup system. But I could purchase two Velodyne SMS-1s to control the Fathoms and use as a crossover.
my vote is for the jlaudio fathom 113s---if you are not going to run your main speakers with full signal then get a good xover for your system --see my prev answers about the jlaudio f113 any ? feel free to email me --rich
I would go with the DD-15 as it is more accurate than the DD-18. If you are using this for a music setup, then you should defintely not use either and go with REL. I personally have the Studio2's on a pair of REL B1's and it sounds fantstic. I have a great relationship with my dealer and if you deicde to go this route, et me know so that I may refer you.
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I Haven't heard the JL.... but I agree that the REL is MUCH more musical than the Velodyne DD series. I used to own a DD15... but the Rel B1 is much faster and tighter.