Subwoofers for B&W 80's - Input please

Have a set of 803's and an Outlaw amp. What I'd like to do is find a tight sounding set of 10" subs and locate each near the each 803. I have no idea what to look for tho I have researched alot of subs. Hoping someone in here has done something similar to what I'm thinking.
I recommend REL S series subs. they are best driven off the speaker outputs of the amp. Will add tight bass without interfering with the sound of the 803s. I also use some older Hsu subs with my 805s on HT. Haven't used the newer Hsu but they should also be considered.
I have 803d and use an HSU 15" sub in the middle between them. Not the best position for max bass reinforcement (SPL wise), but excellent for center bass imaging.

I have also plugged the vents on the 803s (with foam balls)to really tighten up bass imaging and transients. I cross the HSU over at 50 Hz with the built in HSU crossover.
You didn't mention a price range, but you might consider a pair of SVS SB12-NSDs. Only $1300 for the pair, and they've received a really decent review on audioholics. See the link: