Subwoofers down-firing or side-firing? Why?

Just added down-firing subs (Omega 10", sealed) to my Omega single driver speakers. I could ask Louis, but why do you think he designed them to be down-firing?  My prior REL and Rhythmiks were side-firing (used with very different systems). 

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sub woofers are only meant for HT, sound effects, and parties/HIP HOP/rapp, 
But never ever for real music. 
There is no such thing as a  <<high fidelity subwoofer>>>
a  sub is only for sound efgects = anti musical.
Just thought I'd make this clear.

This site really needs an eyeroll emoji.


"The last thing ANY Mozart needs is a sub."

- said someone who never heard mozart with a pair of stereo subs...

Small listening room,three down firing HSU subs. Sounds very good to these ears.