I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a pair of HSU ULs-15's. Anyone have any experiences, good or bad, with these? They are 2300.00 for the pair if anyone can compare other subs in that price range.
Rythmik 15 HP.
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If you are looking for a accurate subwoofer for music first, movies
The New JL Audio subwoofer is Half the price of the Fathom models
The E -110 is $1500, and the E-112 is $1900
And much more accurate JL audio has been around for years
In your car who is top ? JL Audio, in High end Audio JL most allways wins the awards.the other brands are still very good . Rel models over $2k
Are also very good as well as the Velodyne DD plus series but also much more $$ and no better then the JL Audio.