Subwoofer woes

My Talon Roc 2002 powered subwoofer has been working great - until this afternoon. Before swapping IC’s on my preamp, I turned off the sub as a precaution. When I turned it back on - with no music playing - there was a continuous pulsing "hiccup" about every second. The problem continued after I disconnected the IC’s to the sub and swapped different power cords to different circuits. The built-in amp is a 1000w Bash. I turned it off for 6 hours. The ’hiccup’ started up right away. Any ideas what’s going on.
Amps failing it is 15+ years old and in a hostile environment producing high power levels. It is also a fairly affordable plate amplifier. I suggest finding something similar and swapping out the amplifier maybe Josh at Madisound could help.
seems strange that you turned the s/w amp off to prevent this from happening, and yet here it is.....time for a new s/w.....doesn't pay to fix it.
Probably time for a new or used sub,by the time you spend 3 to 5 hundred at least, replacing the bash amp.
If you got that much use out of it I would say you did really good.
I would look for a slightly used sw on the good ole audiogon.People are upgrading all the time.

Just my 2 cents.